Our Logo Story

2022 has been a remarkable year, with the release of the short documentary THE TRAILS BEFORE US featuring Nigel James and the Rezduro family. Our vision for this logo was to reflect the film and depict the beautiful history and landscape of our community of Hardrock here on the Navajo Nation. On behalf of the Rezduro organizing team, we would like to thank Vernan Kee, Diné, for designing our Rezduro logo. Vernan is a USMC Veteran and graphics designer from Shiprock, New Mexico.

The points of the hexagon shape indicate the direction of the mountains and landmarks visible from basecamp that are significant to our community and region. The mountain at the very top of our logo depicts Dził Ntsaa (Big Mountain), which sits firmly to the northwest of basecamp and reflects the beauty, strength, and courage of The People that call this region home. The bottom half of our logo shows the clay hills east of basecamp, where most of our trails are located. You will see a mixture of medicinal plants and rock cliffs as you descend to the finish line.

Indigenous Led, Indigenous Organized

Lastly, the horse running downhill represents two essential stories told by Nigels’ clan matriarchs, aka OGs (old grannies) Lorraine Herder and Edith Simonson. THE TRAILS BEFORE US refers to Nigels’ use of pre-existing trails as told by Lorraine. Our ancestors created foot and horse trails long ago to connect our communities and make pilgrimage to the ocean on the west coast. A small fragment of these original trails is still visible today in our community; one such trail is called Łį́į́ʼ Atiin Sání (the Old Horse Trail).

 The second story came about during Rezduro 2021 when Nigel’s grandmother Edith was observing participants’ race Sheepdog Trail. Edith compared these riders to wild horses, as riders were choosing lines and clearing rock drops without fear, all while riding at top speed.