Race Info


Rezduro takes place in our home community of Hardrock on the Navajo Nation. Due to the remoteness of our race venue, we do not have a physical address; therefore, we are referencing the Hopi Cultural Center (HCC), 24 miles away, in our direction. The HCC can be found on Google Maps.

If you are traveling from Utah, we suggest you travel around Kayenta to Tuba City on US 160 and go east from Tuba City on SR 264 to the HCC.

If you are coming from Colorado, we suggest you travel through Chinle and Burnside on SR 191, and from Burnside, travel west on SR 264 to get to the HCC.

  • Utah travelers, please avoid directions leading you through the Peabody Coal Mine site (X).
  • Colorado travelers, please avoid routes that take you through Piñon (X).

We have tailored these directions to ensure you stay on the highway as much as possible, as Rezduro takes place during the summer monsoon season.

Hopi Cultural Center to James Residence:

  1. At Hopi Cultural Center, go north on Turquoise Trail Highway (US Indian Route 4) for 21 miles until the highway ends.
  2. At the end of the highway, continue North for ¾ of a mile on the dirt road until you reach the first turn off to your right.
  3. At the first turn-off to your right, you will see a street sign titled Canyon Road; take that dirt road going east.
  4. On Canyon Road, you will go east for 1.3 miles (passing two homes on your left) until you reach a crossroad.
  5. At the crossroad, take a left on Mark Juniper Road (street sign), which goes north.
  6. You will go north for ½ mile, and you will arrive at the Base Camp (James Residence).

*Roads will be marked with Rezduro arrow signs.


Due to the remoteness of our race, most prefer to camp at Rezduro. Although camping at Rezduro would be classified as primitive camping, we will have porter potties and hand washing stations onsite. We have over six campsites to choose from, but they are on a first-come, first-served bases. You do not need a permit to camp here at Rezduro.

If camping isn’t your thing, there are several hotels to choose from, but they are more than 20+ miles from Rezduro Basecamp.

Here are the nearest hotels from Rezduro:


Below is the tentative agenda for each day. Friday, August 18th, is our Youth Groms Day/Pre-Ride, and Saturday, August 19th, is Race Day for our Expert Groms and Adults. You are welcome to arrive as early as Thursday evening, August 17th. When the agenda is finalized, we will send it out via email and post it to our website.

FUN FACT: the Navajo Nation is the only place in Arizona that observes Daylight Savings Time, while the rest of Arizona and the neighboring Hopi Reservation do not. That said, Rezduro operates on Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Due to our close proximity to the Hopi Reservation, you may notice your clock jump to Mountain Standard Time. To avoid confusion, please set your clocks to Denver Time. *Rezduro 2023 agenda is subject to change.


Youth Groms Race Day/Pre-Ride

All Day – Pre-Ride

10 AM – Registration Opens/Packet Pick-Up

10 AM – Rezduro Art Install

Lunch – Racers/Volunteers Only

2 PM – Youth Groms Race

4 PM – Youth Groms Awards

6 PM – Seedings (CAT 1)

Dinner – Racers/Volunteers Only

7 PM – Huck-To-Flat


Expert Groms/Adult Race Day

5 AM – Registration Opens/Packet Pick-Up

7 AM – Expert Groms/Adult Race

11 AM – Last Stage Showcase

Lunch – Racers/Volunteers Only

2 PM – Awards Ceremony


    Rezduro has eight total trails, six for the Adult/Expert Groms race and three for the Youth Groms race. Flow Trail is shared for both the adult and youth races. Our GREEN trails are located on the western slope of Basecamp, while our BLUE/BLACK trails are on the eastern slope. Flow and Sunrise Trails begin at Basecamp. The trails are listed in order from first to last trail.

    Map Legend:

    WHITE LINE – Transfer Road

    GREEN DOT – Trail Start

    RED DOT – Trail Finish

    RED TRIANGLE – Rezduro Basecamp

    WATER DROP – Water Stations

    WHITE CROSS – EMT Parking

    Youth Groms Trails:

      1. Dirt Tek Trail
      2. Yazh Trail
      3. Flow Trail

    Adult/Epert Groms Trails:

    1. Sunrise Trail
    2. Flow Trail
    3. Sheepdog Trail
    4. Sheep Pup Trail
    5. North Face Trail
    6. Lookout Trail