Indigenous-led, Indigenous organized


Rezduro is organized by the Chíshí Dine’é (Chiricahua Apache Clan) family of northeast Hardrock on the Navajo Nation.


Envisioned by Nigel James and mobilized by his friends and family, Rezduro is the first Indigenous-led mountian bike enduro race. Nigel dreamed of bridging his grandparent’s sheep herding trails with his passion for mountain bike enduro racing and in 2021, Rezduro was born.

What started out as a friendly competition amongst Nigel and friends turned into the first Indigenous-led mountain bike enduro race.

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Rezduro 2023

August 18th – 19th, 2023

Hardrock, Arizona









Dził Diyiní Biyí Iiná Hóló: Life Within the Sacred Mountains at Rezduro 2022

Rezduro takes place in the remote community of Hardrock, Arizona which is located on the Black Mesa plateau/region on the Navajo Nation. What started out as a vision by Nigel James and friends has turned into the first and only Indigenous-led mountain bike enduro race. Nigel James dreamed of bridging his grandparents’ sheep herding trails with his passion for mountain bike enduro racing as a result, Rezduro was born in 2021. Rezduro is organized by Diné (the Navajo people) on Diné lands.

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Trail EAffect Episode 94 Rezduro with Germaine Simonson and Marvin James

Episode 94 features Marvin James and Germaine Simonson of Rezduro. Rezduro represents a mountain bike community within the Diné Nation aka the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona. Rezduro is the first and only Indigenous-led mountain bike enduro race. Rezduro is organized by Diné (Navajo) on Diné Lands.

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The Trails Before Us

THE TRAILS BEFORE US follows 17-year-old Nigel James, a Diné mountain biker, as he hosts the first Enduro race in the Navajo Nation. Through revitalizing old sheep and livestock trails on his grandparents’ land, Nigel and a new generation of riders honor the connection to their land, community, and culture.

A Chain of Inspiration has Grown Mountain Biking in the Navajo Nation, from the Tour de Rez to the Rezduro

If happiness is contagious, then it’s moving even quicker on two wheels in the Navajo Nation thanks to advocates in the Southwest. One ride can change a life and that life can change countless other lives. Tom Riggenbach, Claudia Jackson, and Nigel James — amongst other riders on the rez — are proving this.

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Essential Connections: Young Riders Merge Traditions on Navajo Land

A faded yellow tag hangs from a small juniper tree alongside an empty dirt road, a solitary directional marker in a vast desert. A sandy wash to the right leads to the top of a hill, where a horse corral shows the first sign of life since the turnoff onto “Indian Route 4,” some 23 miles back in Second Mesa, Arizona. Just beyond the corral is a house with a canopy stretching several feet out from the roof.

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Rodeo is a common passion on the Navajo Nation—a reservation the size of West Virginia that stretches across New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona—and a couple of years ago, when he was thirteen, Nigel James was an up-and-coming calf roper. But then his horse got pregnant and he couldn’t ride her, so he turned to his bike and started building downhill trails and ramps around his parents’ place. Soon he was riding his bike the way a roper rides a horse: in brief bursts of speed that give way to daredevil maneuvers. This school of cycling is called enduro, and Nigel had a gift for it.

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rezduro sponsorship

We have three sponsorship levels for Rezduro:

SKO! (Let’s Go!), STOODIS! (Let’s Do This!), SKODEN! (Let’s Go Then!).

Our 2023 Sponsorship Packet will be launched January 2023.

“It was dope riding with Brown people, man, creating space and trails on the Rez to include people whose land was stolen and also to people who are and have historically been excluded from the outdoors. And most of all, to show little Brown kids that they can shred just as hard and fun as anyone!” Jando Gonzales, Rezduro 2022 Participant